Spiritual Friends

Spiritual friends are more like brothers and sisters. Underneath our differences, personalities and individualities lies a very familiar oneness, a deep love and a unique understanding. I feel this with every person that I have begun to know on Sri Chinmoy’s path - the ‘path of the heart’.

My Singing Friends

Singing with friends at the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Auckland

From the continual inner and outer guidance of our spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy, we each learn to gain access to and live our lives from within our spiritual heart, rather than the mind. Living in the heart colours everything in life with a beautiful glow and brings forward qualities of love, compassion, forgiveness and happiness.

Spanning out, not only to friends but to strangers also, these qualities radiate unconditionally from the heart and lead to a divine love for people everywhere, for all of humanity.

In our every day lives, students of Sri Chinmoy practice to live from within the spiritual heart and bring forward the positive qualities that the heart embodies. As a result an amazing feeling of harmony is felt within this large group of diverse people from many different nations and cultures. With harmony it is astonishing what can be achieved! I travel to New York where Sri Chinmoy lives, along with many other students from around the world and everywhere, among all, I see the same harmony and oneness, love and respect.

As spiritual friends, we share joy and laughter, discoveries, inspiration and aspiration. We lift each other up when one falls. We inspire and encourage each other to run towards the goal. All spiritual seekers are on the same journey, striving for the same inner freedom and happiness, fulfilment and transformation. We spread love and light to people everywhere just by feeling it within ourselves. And all of this is a result of living in the heart.

The feeling that is experienced in an environment where the power of love leads our lives, rather than the ‘love of power’, is something so unique and special. I often feel that there will come a day when the whole world will be like this and all human beings will have the opportunity to experience this beauty, where unconditional love, understanding, genuine concern, oneness, and respect is shared between people everywhere. It starts from each individual and the blossoming of each spiritual heart.


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