People see something in Guru and want to be part of it

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Sri Chinmoy in a relaxed mood with his disciples, Cancun, January 1998

This happened in 1998. We had just arrived in Cancun, which is in La Peninsula Yucatan in Mexico—a very beautiful place.

There had been unfortunately some very bad massacre in some tribal groups in Chiapas down in the south of Mexico. There were detectives investigating all of the foreign groups; they always think it is a foreign group that does something kooky.

There were two detectives that wanted to speak to Guru. I said, "Guru, there are two gentlemen here." I explained to Guru why they wanted to speak to him.

Guru said, "Don't worry—I will give them my transcendental smile."

Sri Chinmoy is interviewed by media, Cancun, January 1998

So I introduced the two gentlemen to Guru and Guru just gave them this beautiful open smile. They became like two tiny little kids.

They said, "No señorita, no pasa nada, no pasa nada. Todo esta bien." They meant, "Oh, no, lady, don't worry. Everything's fine."

They were so humble with Guru. Whatever Guru gave them, some part of their souls just absorbed it.


There are many experiences where we've been in so many parts of the world and people see something in Guru and want to be part of it. I am sure just in that second, Guru has that incredible capacity to feed the need of that soul. That is why I will forever love my Guru.

Sri Chinmoy with President Ernesto Zedillo of Mexico, January 1998

Each soulful smile  
Is a life-changing power.

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